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Single Equipment
Rake Clearner / Screens take the most diverse solids from different liquids (fluids). If filigree solids are to be removed, other rake cleaners must be used, as in the case of river water purification. The various processes and machines behind the rake cleaner also require different cleaning systems.
We have the experience to choose the right rake cleaner for you
Automatic Screen
Opening Size
Gap Width

0.1mm up to 250mm
Screen Width
Discharge Hight

  250mm up to 6,0000mm
1,000mm up to 35,000mm
Angle of Install

60° up to 90°


AISI304   AISI316   SISI316TI   Milde Steel

AISI304   AISI316   SISI316TI   Milde Steel
Cleaning Area

AISI304   AISI316   SISI316TI   Milde Steel   ABS
Wa-Tech rack cleaner / screen cleaner ( Wa-Tech GmbH ) for a wide variety of applications in process engineering and plant engineering. The right Wa-Tech rack cleaner / screen cleaner for every application. Our patented machines i.e. MC, KBUR, KURMC and the other screen types have proven themselves many times and have been in use by our customers for decades.

Rake Areas of Application
WWTP Inlet Rack Cleaner

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