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Operation & Maintenance
We, the Wa Tech WLL, offer you full electromechanical engineer and technician service for the operation and maintenance of the plant as well as the process engineering including the laboratory, SCADA and management.
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Operation of a Facilities ( Work Shop ) or Wastewater Treatment Facilities and the necessary work. These include process monitoring, the operation and maintenance of the associated machines, equipment and aids as well as the execution of simple repair and maintenance work.

The Maintenance of technical systems (i.e. Wastewater Treatment Plant ), components, equipment and equipment is intended to ensure that the functional condition is maintained or restored in the event of failure.

The DIN standard DIN 31051 structures the maintenance into the four basic measures
  • Maintenance
  • Inspection
  • Repair
  • Improvement

DIN EN 13306 divides maintenance into the two categories
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance

Maintenance is defined according to DIN 31051 as:
"Combination of all technical and administrative measures as well as measures of the management during the life cycle of a unit to maintain the functional condition or the return to them so that they can fulfill the required function."
"The maintenance can be fully subdivided into the basic maintenance, inspection, repair, improvement, vulnerability analysis."

Other terms are (according to DIN 31051: 2003-06):
  • Maintenance: Measures to delay the removal of the existing erosion reserve (continued)
  • Inspection: Measures to identify and assess the actual condition of a unit, including the determination of the causes of the wear and the derivation of the necessary consequences for future use (continued)
  • Repair: Measures to Return a Viewing Unit to Functional Condition, Except for Improvements (continued)
  • Improvement: Combination of all technical and administrative measures as well as measures of the management to increase the functional safety of a consideration unit, without changing the function demanded by it (continued)
  • Operability: Ability of a consideration unit to perform function based on its condition
  • Failure: termination of the ability of a consideration unit to perform a required function
  • Vulnerability Analysis: Detecting increased wear on a viewing unit that can lead to early failure. However, the vulnerability only becomes a weak point if the solution of the vulnerability is technically possible and economically justifiable.

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