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We, the Wa Tech Water Technology WLL, are a subsidiary of Wa- Tech from Germany and are in the Fields of Water and Wastewater, Pumping Stations, Air Purification (Odor Cleaning), SCADA and PLC, Filling Stations, Container-based Wastewater Facilities, Tanker Waste Facilities and the Operation & Maintenance of equipment.
We are Based in Bahrain and Serve from here the GCC States as well as the MENA Region.

By our Roots from Germany and our diverse Contacts, we can Offer and Deliver a great Range of German Products and do also the Operation & Maintenance of the Equipment.

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Odor Container

Odor Road


Sewage Facilities BioDisk

MBR Facilities

Tanker Waste Plant Container

Filling Station Container

Operation & Maintenance

Mounting & Installation

Water Lifting
Inlet Works

Kombi Unit



Wa Tech staff has more than 30 years of experience in water, wastewater, energy and control technology. This includes the areas of the cleaning system and lifting systems. The process technology and the connected plant parts such as Air purification system ( Odeur ), SCADA, sludge drying, etc. are also designed and supplied by us.

We also build water cleaning facilities and wastewater treatment facilities or compact treatment facilities turnkey up to a daily capacity of approx. 5,000 cbm / day ( Preferred width we build this in container construction ). As a result, the systems can be subsequently upgraded without much effort or adapted to lower capacities. A simple relocation of the system to another place of use is also given.

Tanker Waste Facilities are also built by us. Capacities up to 2000 tanks per day including full capacity monitoring, tanker number plate recognition and water pressure boosting systems, air pressure system, CCTV, odeur cleaner, SCADA and data storage systems.

The systems can also be temporarily used or used because they can be implemented with little effort (Portable / Shift able).

Our tank systems (Filling station) for trucks, cars, boats, yachts or helicopters can also be used at other locations with little effort due to the container construction.
We also plan and build for all our systems, including third-party systems, surveillance systems with cameras and remote transmission and detection.

Other processes, machines or processes can be realized by our team of engineers and technicians in GCC and Germany (Wa-Tech GmbH)
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